Applying For The Peace Corps

Before You Apply!

I strongly recommend reading making the decision and choosing your country and service before starting the application process. They will help you build your resume and application towards making sure you get the country and job you want! This guide should make applying for the Peace Corps no problem!

You will also need these 3 things:

  1. Resume– Check out this article about catering your resume for the job you want. It will make a huge difference!
  2. Two very good references– I can’t help you find references, but I can tell you that your mom doesn’t count. Try past employers, professors, coaches, priest, congressman, etc.
  3. College transcripts– Usually, a fast phone call will help you get your college or high school transcripts.

Where To Apply For The Peace Corps

Now that you have the three things above, pull out your wallet/purse and make sure you’re 18. If that checks out, head to and let’s get started!

Step 1- Create a login account. Make sure you use a personal email address!

Step 2- Once you’re logged in, you will see a start application tab. Once clicked, it will ask what job you are applying for. This is where my article on choosing your country and service will come in handy.

Step 3- Fill out the application…..I think you’re more than capable of handling 90% of the questions. One section, in particular, requires some writing skills. It follows, “Peace Corps service presents major physical, emotional, and intellectual challenges. In the space below, please provide a few paragraphs explaining your reasons for wanting to serve as a Peace Corps Volunteer and how you plan to overcome the various chall?” Just give examples of 3 different situations where you overcame physical, emotional, and intellectual challenges and how they prepared you for The Peace Corps. I think this is more of a “scare” question. Don’t over think it too much.

Step 4- Towards the end of the application you will be asked to submit your resume. Make sure you catered your jobs, skills, experiences, and clubs all towards the job you’re applying for. Ex: You shouldn’t list you’re a member of Gardening Anonymous if you’re applying for economic based job.

Step 5- Review! Check for typos, double check your resume, make sure your references know you’re using them.

Step 6 – Submit and Wait! Congratulations! You just took the very first step to living an extraordinary life!

What Next?

You should receive a series of emails requiring more information from you. Fill each of them out honestly and thoroughly!

  • Health history form– Be honest, if you’re not, it will show up on your physical later down the road.
  • Assignment Selection Form & Soft Skills Questionnaire– Assignment Selection Form narrows down what  job and countries you would like to volunteer in, but it’s not promised you will get them. Soft Skills Questionnaire is pretty much a psychological test. It gives The Peace Corps an idea of your work style is and the environment in which you excel.
  • PCV Skill Addendum– This email will give a couple of skill addendum’s that will ask you to give specifics to see if you have the experience and requirements to be proficient at your job.
  • Interview– If you meet all the basic requirements then you’ll be asked to set up an interview!

Take A Breath!

Do not stress over the interview! In fact, don’t even think about it till the day before. The best impression you can give will come from your authenticity, relax and be yourself! My next post,  I share some interview tricks that I learned as well as some things I could’ve of done better! How To Crush Your Peace Corps Interview

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