Dennis and Haleigh’s Adventure On the Summer O’Hara


Dennis Smith
Haleigh & DJ’s Best Friend & old friend of Draco Malfoy.

Haleigh Copper

DJ & Dennis’s Best Friend.

DJ Striedel

Haleigh and Dennis Best Friend

Draco Malfoy

Becomes friends with DJ, Dennis’s old friend

John Travolta

Haleigh’s ex-boyfriend

Nickolas Cage- (Klaus)

killer, thief

Sean Bean

Captain of the cruise ship

Taylor Laettner

1st mate of the cruise ship


The story is about a pair of best friends go on a cruise for some quality relaxation. During the cruise, the friends make some new friends but also but heads with some old ones. Their relaxing vacation quickly turns into a spontaneous adventure. Find out what happens in Dennis and Haleigh’s Adventure on the Summer O’Hara!


Dennis and Haleigh’s Adventure on the Summer O’Hara

Once upon a time on a small island of Rhode Island, near the harbor was a small business bar, where a pair of best friends are making plans for their upcoming vacation. “Where would you like to go this time Haleigh?” Dennis asked, after taking a sip of his beer. I have a brilliant idea! Said Haleigh. What is it, come on tell me, pressed Dennis. I was thinking we should take a cruise and one is leaving before noon tomorrow! So what do you think about my idea? or do you think …it’s stupid? it’s not stupid! I think it’s an awesome idea, said Dennis. Really? You really like my idea? Haleigh Replied. Of course, I do, you’re amazing at coming up with ideas, unlike me. Dennis poked. Stop saying that! you’re also great with ideas! So it’s decided then? Yeah, it’s decided! Thank you for cheering me up. Said Dennis. Hey, what are you friends for? Both laughing happily. We’ll meet at the harbor where the cruise ship is docked. Yes of course! Do you need a ride home? Said Haleigh. No, I’ll be alright thanks, Dennis see ya in the morning!

(On Haleigh’s Walk Back Home)
After I passed down 2 alleyways about halfway down the 3rd, I was jumped by a single man, he put his hand my mouth, I was trying to fight him, but he had me in my embrace really tight and pulled me into the alley… then he finally spoke into my ear… Haleigh?? take it easy. it’s John … it’s John, Breathing slowly. What are you doing scaring me half to death??? I’ve been waiting and waiting
to see you, I’m sorry! Can you answer me one question? What? Tell me why you stopped visiting me at the prison? I was so shocked I couldn’t answer him. why don’t you say something please tell me why?? I still couldn’t say anything. do you still love me? do you. I remain silent. John’s anger arises to the surface and he’s face was blood red and then he hit me across the face, he was about to hit me again when a stranger come out of the night and took his arm, they fought a little and then John ran away.


You all right miss. yeah I’m fine, thank you so much, you’re so very welcome Haleigh, what
how do you know who I am? you don’t recognize me, do you? Here let me get under the street light, where you can see me better. do you recognize me now, Draco? Draco Malfoy is it really you?? still alive and kicking, I run into his arms without even thinking about I was almost in tears, hi now please don’t cry you know I hate it when I see you cry. I’m sorry I’m just so happy to see you again too, so do you have any plans this summer. Yeah me, and my best friend are going on a cruise trip, really?? So I’m I! Said Draco
Hugging each other gently, I’ve never been so happy to see you again, I thought I. Hush…
Draco says to me while putting his pointer finger, on my mouth, after removing his finger, he comes towards me and asks me softly in my ears, would you like me to walk you home? Thank you, Draco.

(The Next Day)
(Very Early, At the Harbor)
We all boarded the summer O’Hara cruise ship, it left at dawn as scheduled. Days went past and we were enjoying every moment of it.

The morning of the holiday “Memorial Day”,
(On deck) as they were making our plans that evening. after I poured more coffee for the three of us, I accidently bumped into a young man. I quickly bowed my head and said
I’m terribly sorry sir, I wasn’t looking where I was going …, Haleigh is that you?? I raise my head and see who it was and I couldn’t believe my eyes…. DJ…DJ Striedel? Dennis, how are you doing man? what’s wrong Haleigh at got your tongue, oh sorry, it’s so shocking to see him, I went speechless, no problem and don’t worry this stain can come out, I promise I’ll watch I go for now on, (Good) (all laughing), oh DJ this is our very good friend Draco Malfoy since childhood, name DJ Striedel, it’s a pleasure to meet you? Same here?? Hi, Malfoy!! Sean!! Taylor!! what are you two doing here. We’re on vacation dummy? what I’ve told you about that Taylor? Sorry at the way they were acting. Oh, Sean. Taylor. these my friends I told you about, Dennis Smith, Haleigh Copper, and my new friend DJ Striedel, it’s nice to finally meet all of you, same with us as well, Dennis said for all. Sean finally spoke up, you guys going to the memorial ball tonight?? We haven’t thought about it? I said that then Draco touches my shoulder. so Haleigh what do you think, would you like
to go to the dance with me. I would like to go the dance with you, I hope you both have fun tonight? you aren’t going tonight Dennis ?? of course, we are, we’ll all will there, I’m glad well I best go to my room and find my best dress ill see you tonight Draco, very good, see ya tonight.


Seven hours later
That night at the memorial day ball.In my cabin, before I head out to the ball, Dennis comes to my cabin and knock on the door, knock, knock, knock. come in? evening Dennis what’s the matter? evening? oh, I just wanted to ask you a question, you don’t have to answer right away? so what’s the question?? are you in love with Draco? oh..oh..umm. sighs hard… yes I’m in love with him. are you., no I’m not upset with you I just wanted a full conversation from you, now I best go on, I’ll see ya later, see ya later.

In my cabin, before I head out to the ball, Dennis comes to my cabin and knock on the door, knock, knock, knock. come in? evening Dennis what’s the matter? evening? oh, I just wanted to ask you a question, you don’t have to answer right away? so what’s the question?? are you in love with Draco? oh..oh..umm. sighs hard… yes I’m in love with him. are you., no I’m not upset with you I just wanted a full conversation from you, now I best go on, I’ll see ya later, see ya later. Door opens and closes.


fifteen years later…
another knock on the door
Door opens, evening my beautiful Haleigh here’s a lovely bunch of sunflowers for you, thank you Draco, oh me. you look very handsome in that suit. I thank you for the compliment, you ready to go, one minute let me put this lovely sunflower for some water and in vase. of course want some help, yes thank you. here holds the vase very still while I put the flowers in one by one, then afterwards fill it half way with warm water, right away laughing together after they finished …. we walked out on the ballroom to the dance floor. Draco I. Haleigh will you have the first dance with me, yes you may, waltz dance you so do you, both chuckling. Draco clearing throat… Haleigh, there’s something I’ve been waiting all these to tell you?? is there what is it? Haleigh, I’m. I’m in .in …in,

Gunshots in the air, what the hell is going on? everyone stay where you are and give my men, your money, and jeweler? I know that voice, I rushed to the front of the room, I knew it, Klaus!! well, well, well. if it isn’t Haleigh. John will be pleased to see you, no he wouldn’t be happy to see me, he merrier what to kill me instead. really did you to have a fight?? more than that we’re done. over. oh, what a shame I’m sorry about it. thanks for a little concern you have… so your talking john’s here as well. of course, he is, now if you and your friends had over your personal effects and you won’t get hurt, oh your honor Klaus you won’t harm me or my friends. On my honor, they thrown over their effects and went against the wall where everyone was at.

Gunshots echoing in the distance, the direction from above them, then they stopped and the sound of footprints echoes closer and closer, then they finally show their faces it was John all right. they had the caption and co-captain with their hands tied up. what are you doing Klaus talking when you should be trying them up, after rubbing then, sorry boss me apologizes I’ll get right on it, Good. we’ll look what we have here. I didn’t expect to see you again so soon my flower John says touching my face…, stop touching her… and who are you? Draco Malfoy is my name and said let me go if her. oh really that’s no problem, you can have here if you all survive that. that is, after knocking out Draco. (evil laughing) what john and the others didn’t realize when they shoot out in the boiler room below deck, it caused bullet holes in the ship, the caption toy to tell him and Klaus they wouldn’t listen.

2 hours later
Draco arises from being knocked out. Draco? Draco? Haleigh? Oh, Draco… thank god I’m glad you’re awake. are you hurt any?? no I’m fine don’t worry about me, let’s take care of you now. ok. gasping in pain. You all right, I’m sorry I’m trying to be gentle. you ok and you are being very gentle. as he said that my face went red. umm… Draco? yes. before John and Klaus attacked us and the ship… what is it that you were going to tell me? oh. um. that…um. ok, what I was saying is that. Haleigh. I’m in l. Love. Boss! Boss! what the hell is wrong now. in the boiler room theirs water coming through, what are you saying. I’m saying is that the ship is sinking sir. shit… what are you plans now john ran away and live 100 people die. you know I’m not that that kind of person to such a thing. Draco speaks out now let’s get everyone on deck, and have no crowding, it will make it easier to get everyone on the lifeboats, yes sir everyone says hurrying on deck. Haleigh! Draco! DJ! … Dennis… thank god your both alright. what about Sean and Taylor? Draco asks them. they didn’t make it, I’m sorry Draco. Draco leaves to the hallway. Draco?! holding him tenderly. that’s when he turns around and he gives me a hug in return I said to him. don’t worry will honor their memory by survive this, you, me Dennis and DJ, now before we head out, I’m going to tell you. what I’ve been trying to tell you all night …(Ok?) … Haleigh, I’m in love with you… I’ve been since we were kids, what I’ve been trying to say is. will you marry me? Yes, Draco I’ll love to marry you and I love you too, Kissing and hugging. come on guys we better get going Dennis called to us. Right, we’re coming.

2 1\2 hours later
the summer O’Hara was gone forever, it wasn’t long when the rescue ship
spring O’Hara saved our lives and everyone else, the man of arms put john and Klaus
and their gangs in the ships prison tell they reached land. as for Draco and me, we were married on the ship and spent our lives helping the people who survive shipwrecks. as for Dennis and DJ, they started a newspaper for to honor any ship that falls in any weather.
God bless to all falling ships!!!!

The End

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