Joining the Peace Corp has always been a dream of mine! I'm extremely honored to have this opportunity. I cant think of a better way to represent our country then serving the less fortunate!

It doesn't take much insight to see how volunteering for 2 years can create a financial bind. Before leaving, I had to scramble the savings I had to pay off my car and other personal debt. leaving me headed to Thailand with no money in reserves.

While abroad, the Peace Corps will give me a monthly stipend equal to that of a village professional. The stipend amount is just enough to make sure you have food and shelter.

Joining the Peace Corps does offer some federal student loan relief, but nothing guaranteed. The majority of my student loans are personal loans which offers no added benefit and I will still be required to pay on them.

To find out more about Peace Corp student loan benefits click here.

In order to follow my dreams without setting myself up for failure upon return, I need your help. I small contribution can go along way in helping me. Below is an outline of what your contribution will be going towards in my time overseas:

  1. Emergency fund- $2,000
  2. Cost to keep website going- Hosting- $107.28/yr; Gmail-$5/ month
  3. Continuing Student Loan repayment- $100,000 ( Holy Crap, I know... I will gladly send proof if you need it.)

Understand, the only reason I'm asking for help is because of my mission. I turned down a great job offer that would have provided me the income to handle my financial situation.

I didn't want the only reason to turn down joining to be because of money.

If you don't feel like my cause is deserving of a donation, then please don't. I just ask that you sign up to receive updates of my journey. Who knows, it might inspire you to make your own journey!

Thank you for your time and donation! If you have any question please feel free to reach out to me!

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