A Group of Friends and The Human \ Alien Invasion!

Haleigh Davis
best friend, to DJ, Tyler,
Will, Luke, Hon.

Dalton Striedel (DJ)
best \ truest friend to Haleigh, Tyler,
Will \ helps out with the human \ alien invasion.

Tyler Brielmayer
best friend to Haleigh, DJ,
Will, \ help out with human \ alien invasion

Will Hickey
best friend to Haleigh,
DJ, Tyler \ helps out with human \ alien invasion

Luke Skywalker

Friends \ warriors, also
Hon Solo friends with Haleigh \ Sesshomaru also
Haleigh and her friends (for help)



Full demon \ falls in love with Haleigh, the moment they met,
friends with the Hon and Luke



This story is about a human colony that exist on a space station in outer space.
It gets attacked by an alien race of monsters and the humans fight them in order to keep
them from destroying the space station and the human race. To make matters worse there
is a civil war brewing within the colony. A group of friend’s travel venture to find the last artifact, that is located on the center of the sun, in hopes to bring peace and win the war! Find Out What Happens in A Group of Friends And The Human \ Alien Invasion!

A Group of Friends and The Human \ Alien Invasion!

Twenty Years Ago
At The Human Race Space Station
The aliens were invading them, killing them and destroying everything they had, that took
so many decades to put in business or their lives for. During the invasion, the two leaders of
both races were trying to sort things out in a proper way, when they finally came to a conclusion, made a packed with them, till the next clips, they were to return and invade again, and nothing will stop them. every year the council of the human race was trying to find some other way to deal with the aliens they never did.
Twenty Years Later
In The Stations Meeting Room
What are we going to do, the aliens are going to show up, any day, no way we can’t
fight this frocks on our own, we have to go for help and soon. No, we can’t John, it’s too late
for that, we have to do this ourselves now, even it means to our deaths, no. let’s come up with a plan, so it won’t come to that…. Luke said to the commander. Luke’s right, we can’t just give up now, Hon agrees and said to them. we’ll have you guys have come up with a plan to stop this alien(s) and their invasion. we don’t yet, but we know some friends that we’ll help us out. do you think they’ll help us? I’m sure they’ll help us; we’ll leave right away. Good, Alarms going off…. then gunfire going off, continually. they’re here, clocks like you guy won’t be able to leave now. hash up John, we’ll give them up till the launching deck, so they can get to their friends. no way in hell, I’m going to destroy as many as the ugly bastard’s as possible so goodbye to you all … two more sites people went to him. looks like I have to deal with a civil war with our people after we deal with the aliens, trouble over any other, when we’ll it ends. Hopefully, our friends will change everything, see you when we return. yeah and don’t give up, we’ll be back as soon as we can, after saying that they left the station.
On Planet Earth
At Haleigh Davis’s Apartment
Her friends were just arriving there, they have high hopes and to see plan and where a lost artifact, that’s been lost for the last decade. her friend’s names, our Dalton Striedel (DJ), Will Hickey, and Tyler
Brielmayer. Welcome to my apartment gentlemen. Gentleman, you here that Tyler,
we’ve been friends for years and she calls u, gentlemen. laughing. I’ll right. I’ll right stop laughing at me, we have a good to complete, yes ma’am, Tyler said to her checking. Tyler! Easy DJ, you need to be in happier mood, I will as soon as our goal is complete. where are we supposed to find that artifact, it’s not anywhere on Earth? if it’s not Earth, do you think, it’s been placed on another planet, Tyler said. That might be it, will do you bring your laptop with you, now if you give me a few minutes I’ll find us our answer? Right then, anyone what a drink, while we wait? Haleigh asks them. No thanks, anyway Haleigh.

Few Minutes Later
I’ve found it, guys, I’ve found the artifact.
no shit, where Will, where is it. It’s in the center of the sun, the located is the sun.
Great. let’s get going, right everyone agrees and then they abroad their rocket and
headed for the sun.

Two Weeks Past
How long do we have left till we get there? Not long now DJ, what’s with you you’ve been
having this attitude since we left earth? it’s nothing I’ve just have a lot on my mind, I’m sorry, I’ve been putting my angry towards you guys, no problem I hope you work out whatever it is, that’s bothering you, thanks a lot you guys, you’re all the bests friends, man could ever have. right back at you, now let’s get geared up, we don’t’ have much time till we approach the sun. yes, ma’am. after a half hour
they retrieved the lost artifact that took treasure hunters and professionals so very long to find and took us only fifty-five hours eight minutes, fifteen seconds to find, alright we have our artifact, let’s set the location for home Will. You got it, Haleigh? Haleigh? We have an unknown rocket at twelve o’clock. hello 247… can you respond; 247 can you respond back… Haleigh is that you I hear? Hon, your son of a gun… what are you doing away from your station. It’s a long story. Luke. you’re there too. yeah, I’m here … (start sobbing) (don’t cry) may we have permission aboard, permission granted.

Five Minutes Later
Luke, Hon, and one other member a boarded their ship, the pilot stayed on the falcon to control it. (Door opens and closes). Hon? Haleigh … it’s good to see you again. it has been way too long… yeah way too long. Haleigh? Luke? runs up and hugs each other tight. (starts crying) oh don’t cry, please I hate to see my best friend crying. I’m sorry, I just can’t believe that you’re alive. Hon why didn’t you tell me, when you found out, I’m sorry, he was out of shape them, and I don’t want to put more pressure on you not knowing if he’ll survive or not, I hope you can understand that, yeah you’re right, I’m glad you’re back Luke. Thanks. So who’s the young gentleman with you? oh yes. Haleigh meet the most powerful demon in outer space Sesshomaru … Sesshomaru meet our truest friend Haleigh Davis. It’s a pleasure to meet you finally … (finally) These two talk about you so much feels like I know you already (Laughing) Hon, Luke, Sesshomaru this one my other friends, I’ve told you about, DJ, Will, Tyler. Pleasure, they said. now that you’ve been introduced, what’s going on at the space station? We’ll you see what they’re trying to say, Miss. Haleigh is that the aliens have returned our invading the station. what? why aren’t you there, trying to stop them? we can’t stop them on our own, we and the city members agreed that with your help, we finally destroy the alien race once and for all. so we’ll help us, we are begging you, please will you help us, they asked while bowing to her. no need for bowing and begging we’ll help out. Really. yes, I can’t abandon my friends. Thank you. No need for thanks, so you have a plan of attack, yes we do, but first, all give will the station(s) location and make a call to our pilot, to follow us there. right of course. After twenty minutes of argument and planning, we finally came to an agreement of how to take down the alien race. Few hours later, I could sleep so I went to the lounge for a drink and found Sesshomaru there as well. can’t sleep. no, I haven’t gotten much sleep lately, here have some wine it’ll help you, thanks she said drinking some. so how long have you known Luke and Hon? since childhood we grow up together on earth, today was the first time I’ve seen then in fifteen years. that’s a long time. yeah, I’m glad I got to see the station \ your people. I’m glad you are, you and your friends. Haleigh? (Yes) I have a confession to make before only thing happens? what is it? I know we only met today but… the way Luke and hon talked about you… I felt like …, I understand what you mean I feel the same way about you, really, yeah on the radio, when I talk to Hon, each month to check in on then, he talks about you and you’re everything he says you are, but I think you’re more handsome than I pictured in my dreams, I say the same about you but more beautiful … huh? Haleigh… Yes, Sesshomaru he kissed me, as long \ tender kiss, I didn’t want it to end minutes later, it did. excuse me, Haleigh, Sesshomaru we have arrived.

At the space station enters
you guys ready. Ready. Ready… Ready… let’s go already… on three … one. two. three! Charge!!! They made it back, I suppose that you were proven wrong John, yeah I guess you’re right, when this is over, I’ll give them my deepest gratitude and apologies, I’ll have you back, so you won’t do before you can give it, oh thanks, Chris…no problem.

Forty-Five Minutes Later
we defeated the alien race, except the leader of them, known to be the
most powerful creature in outer space. Sesshomaru I can’t believe my eyes, you’re really here, but why are you fighting alongside the human race, you should be fighting, alongside us? No thanks, I’ll pass. what does the humans have on you anyway? None of your business, now are you going to leave peacefully or do I have to make you leave, so what’s it going to be? you crazy you can’t defeat me. Don’t trash talk me Sesshomaru says as he pulls his sword out… no stop Sesshomaru you can’t go through with this he’ll kill you, you don’t think I can’t kill him, I know you can, it’s just, I don’t want you to leave me. oh, Haleigh, I believe in me and wait for my return, can you do that, my angel. yes, I will wait for you as long as I live.

Before dawn arises
the leader of the alien race was defeated and the human \ alien invasion was finally over. at the nearby bar outside the space station, everyone was celebrating the victory, Hon, Luke can I have a word with you, John asks them. What is it, John? I want to give you both my deepest gratitude and me apologise, for what I said to you before you left that day. No need, you were frightened and worried, we understand. Thanks, guys here I’ll by the next round.
(door opens and closes)
Sesshomaru!!! Oh Haleigh, hugs each other tightly. I told you I would come back to you. I’ll always come back to you. I love you. I love you too. (on his knees)
Haleigh Davis
Will you marry you?
Yes I’ll marry you.
Clearing and applauding echoing through the place. after everything was rebuild,
they put on the best wedding in the whole of outer space, it was never to be forget…


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