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Should Money Shape Your Future?

When I left for college in 2010, I decided to put the financial burden of paying for college on my own shoulders instead of my parents. I found what scholarships I could and paid for the rest of my 4-year degree with student loans.

After college, I went to work for my father’s insurance agency with hopes one day owning it. Working at my father’s agency would provide me with the income I  needed to pay back my college debt. This was an awesome opportunity I couldn’t pass up, so I went to work.

Almost 2 years later, the day came where my stepdad was ready to retire. He sat down with me and two other employees and offered to sell the agency to us. As excited as I was, I knew that taking on this task would create a life long career for me. The offer forced me to reflect on the thought of spending the next 20-30 years working In insurance. I had to ask myself, “is this the direction I’m supposed to go?”

My Decision

My entire life, I have always gained tremendous joy from helping others. Lending a helping hand was something that came second nature to me and  it always made me feel the most accomplished with myself. Whether it was volunteering for Big Brothers Big Sisters or saving some wild animal, I knew I was doing what made me feel the most complete.

I suddenly realized that I had to follow my heart and chase my  own natural talents. My mind was made, I chose to turn down my stepfather’s offer and pursue my true passion of helping others, regardless of my student loan debt. I applied for the Peace Corps and was accepted to go to Thailand for Youth and Development service.

What’s The Peace Corps Doing For Me?

While abroad, the Peace Corps will give me a monthly stipend equal to that of a village professional. The stipend amount is just enough to make sure I have adequate food and shelter, not provide an income.

Joining the Peace Corps does offer some federal student loan relief, but nothing guaranteed. The majority of my student loans are through private lenders, which provides no added benefit for me. My student loan provider is also still requiring me to make payments while I’m gone.

Not very nice if you ask me.

To find out more about Peace Corp student loan benefits click here.

What Your Donation Does For Me

It doesn’t take much insight to see how volunteering for 2 years can create a financial bind.

Currently, I’m lucky enough to have a job that will keep me on till November, but I’m simply not making enough to support myself and make the necessary changes to leave for Thailand.  At the current rate, I won’t be able to leave for Thailand without owing money.

In order to follow my dreams without digging a deeper financial hole, I need your help. I small contribution will go a long way in helping my mission.

Below is an outline of what your contribution will be going towards, in my time overseas:

  1. Emergency fund- $2,000
  2. Cost to keep website going- Hosting- $107.28/yr; Gmail-$5/ month
  3. Finish paying off my car- $3,000
  4. Student Loans- $74,639.41 (Holy crap….I know. This isn’t included in my donation goal, but anything extra will go towards making my payments.)

The Total: $5,500

To Wrap It Up

Understand, the only reason I’m asking for help is because of my mission. I turned down a great opportunity that would have provided me the income to handle my financial situation.

I didn’t want the only reason to keep me from following my dreams to be because of money.

If you feel like my cause isn’t deserving of a donation, then please don’t. I just ask that you sign up to receive updates of my journey at . Who knows? It might inspire you to make your own adventure!

Joining the Peace Corp was always a dream of mine! I’m extremely honored to have this opportunity and can’t wait to represent my country through volunteer service!

Thank you for your time and donation! If you have any questions please feel free to reach out to me!




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