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Before I give you my Peace Corps interview tips, I want to start by defining the word pregame.

n. To drink before going to a party. This most often happens because they party where you are going to will be carding and you are under or because you want to drink something hard to start your night off. Often pregaming happens at the house and involves taking shots.
v. The act of partaking in a pregame.
1) We really need to pregame tonight before we go out.
2) I really pregamed heavily last night. I feel really sick now.
Pregaming is all about timing. If you start drinking too early then by the time you’re at the party you’re just too hammered. Start drinking too soon, and you’ll be getting annoyed by all the drunk people around you. But if you time things just right…. you’ll arrive at the party feeling like Lebron James.
Now supplement the alcohol drinking for interview preparation. If you stress too much, then you’ll just overthink everything and bomb your interview!
This is just 1 of the 10 tips I share in this blog post. Read further to find out more details and other crucial Peace Corps interview tips!

10 Solid Peace Corps Interview Tips

1. Don’t think about your interview till the night before
Studying 1-2  hours before you sleep has shown to significantly increase memorization. Now, I could go into further details, but this Harvard professor will do a much better job

2. Create stories about your experiences that fit the job description

Everyone loves a good story, that’s why you should pick 3 of your past experiences and be able to tell them fluently. Make sure they’re related to your job description, so if your interviewer asks a question like, “tell me how you would best display control if you and your host family were to get into an argument?” You could then immediately fire back with a story of how you once argued with a past employer about health care benefits and came to a reasonable and sound conclusion together.

3. Know The Peace Corps mission and history

You should know this before applying, but just in case here is a link for reading up on the history of The Peace Corps.

4. Think of some questions your interviewer may ask and how you will respond

Most of the questions the interviewer will ask will about your past and current behaviors. These questions will be based off your past experiences that relate to the following:

    • fulfilling an important but difficult commitment;
    • living or working with people from another culture;
    • background in working with an especially unstructured environment;
    • history of working with others;
    • experience transferring knowledge or skills;
    • failing to achieve a desired goal

This is where tip #2 comes in handy 😉

5. Dress professionally

The interview will either be over skype or over the phone. If it’s via skype, then make sure you’re dressed in appropriate attire. I suggest wearing blue, it is a color that represents intelligence, trust, and cooperation. Read more here!

6. Have a good tone and rhythm when you talk

As humans, we make almost all of our decisions subconsciously. Have a relaxed but strong tone with a graceful rhythm to your speech. This will help create a better impression more so than the actual words you say. Here are more details…

7. Be 10 minutes early

I had issues getting Skype to work on my phone. I ended up starting my interview behind schedule because skype kept crashing on me. Even though It wasn’t a big deal, I had to switch to a phone interview. You should take 10 minutes before your interview to make sure everything is functioning properly.

8. For skype interview, maintain eye contact

Eye contact is extremely important! Even though you’re looking at a computer, try to keep your focus on the webcam lens. It will show that you’re fully engaged in the conversation.

9. For phone Interview, smile while talking

I learned this one from being a salesman. If you face is happy then your voice will be too! Try it next time you’re on the phone!

10. Be yourself!

You’re not some high-functioning robot! If you’re forcing yourself to be someone you’re not, it will reflect in your interview. This will give the impression that you’re being deceitful, and will keep you from gaining any trust. Use the tips I shared as tools to exemplify yourself, not to try and mask your human faults. People are drawn to authenticity because it shows a person is comfortable, independent, and honest with themselves. Remember, nobody is perfect!

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