Joining The Peace Corps

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The Peace Corps is a great way to travel the world for free. By doing humanitarian work in the remote regions of the world, you can really earn a once in a lifetime experience. Joining the Peace Corps is what I did to fuel my curiosity and make an escape. My goal now is to help you discover if The Peace Corps is right for you! Here is some great information to help you make your decision!

The Peace Corps Volunteer

Feb 27, 2017

7 Weeks into my Peace Corps adventure and this is my first post. I’ve refrained from blogging for a couple reasons:   1. I’ve been to busy learning and adjusting to Thai culture.   2. I couldn’t figure out what I wanted to write about   Well, I’ve made up my mind and I decided…

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Peace Corps Medical Clearance

Aug 22, 2016

Getting Peace Corps medical clearance is by far the longest and most frustrating step. It requires you to meet with your dentist and doctor on several occasions and the Peace Corps gives you very limited instruction on how to do it. Hopefully, I can help you out by sharing a few of my mistakes! Before you…

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How To Build Your Peace Corps Résumé

Aug 17, 2016

Originally, I wasn’t going to go into much detail about the Peace Corp resume, until I received some feedback from a friend. He was also looking to join the Peace Corps and wanted my advice on getting accepted. This lead to me asking about what job he wanted in the Peace Corps and if his resume…

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