Haleigh Jones: What Being A True Friend Looks Like

Talented writer Haleigh Jones, 26, is best known for her amazing short stories like “The Prophecy Series,” “A Group Of Friends And The Human\Alien Invasion” and “Twilight Town’s Big Holiday Adventure.” She also expresses her exceptional creativity through her art, which she often shares on her group page “Best Friends Forever.” Even with her young age, Haleigh has managed to write over 200 stories! An accomplishment that is a true testament to her talent!

How We Met

I’ve had the honor of being friends with Haleigh for 9 years now! Our paths first crossed my Sophmore year in high school and we’ve managed to stay close ever since. I thought it would be fitting to make Haleigh my first Inspirational Person to write about because she has a character trait that we all need to strive towards. Just like her art, Haleigh paints the perfect picture of what unconditional love looks like.

I’ve never met a person that would do absolutely anything for someone she considers to be a friend. She constantly expresses genuine concern for others while never asking for anything in return. No matter the distancing effects of time, she has consistently been there just to simply ask “how was your day?” never expecting the reciprocal question. Not only is she the type of friend everyone needs but she is the model for the type of person we should strive to be.


What She Has To Say

Towards the end of the interview, I asked Haleigh a couple of questions that I wanted to highlight:

•If you could share 1 message to the world, what would it be?

“Stay strong and stand proud.”

•If you had 3 wishes what would it be?

1. Is for my family and friends to be healthy and happy

2. that you will come home safe from your journey

3. I’ll be a professional writer one day so I can share my stories with other people.

True to her nature, she would only use one wish for herself. If you would like to read some of Haleigh’s stories then click here. Make sure you let her know how much you enjoyed them!


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